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im just a human bean

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affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it

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life hack: can’t do homework if you don’t have a home. burn it down you piece of shit

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ripping out someone one’s headphones is the 8th deadly sin

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if your demons
were wildfires
i would burn my hands
to conquer them.
What I would give to save you from this // r.i.d (via solassy)
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I’m the friend that picks rainbow road

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What goes up…

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Don’t you get it? I chose you, over anyone else. I always fucking choose you.
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"you’re too cute to be single!"

then date me

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#bilbo baggins

fierce bilbo! ٩(๑`ȏ´๑)۶

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New official picture of Thranduil

New official picture of Thranduil

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why sleep when you can stay up late every night being sad then feel like shit the next day 

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